Children - Adults - Age 13 years to adults

Teens and AdultsThis class is excellent for developing power, balance and co-ordination. It gives students a strong foundation for awareness and self-defence. Our classes in TKD will teach discipline. The skills you will learn at Bucks TKD Academy will allow your confidence to grow and will be a continuous learning experience. 

Our TKD classes will allow students to learn basics skills and work their way up to achieve black belt status. Through the practice of TKD you will notice that your overall fitness, strength and stamina will improve. Your body will tone up through the energetic work out required to practice TKD. This form of exercise can help you loose weight and become more toned.

The nature and style of TKD means that you do not need to be young to learn the practice. TKD does not rely solely on physical strength which is why it can suit all ages and all types of people. Students of any age are welcome to join our classes.

Why not give a class a go we will teach you the necessary training and skills to master TKD whilst enjoying yourself and getting a full workout.