Bucks TKD Academy run ITF classes across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire under the instruction of Mr Adrian London VI Degree. Our classes are in Aylesbury, Bicester, and Upper Heyford.

At our schools we teach more than just martial arts and self defence, we reinforce the values that you teach as parents such as courtesy and respect for all people, integrity for ones self, perseverance in order to reach ones goals personally and academically, and self control which stresses the value of learning to think before one reacts. Along with these values we reinforce personal goal setting.This not only helps the student to excel in martial arts, but this skill also carries over into school and family life. 

Students come to our schools to study martial arts for different reasons, each with varying degrees of ability.  
Taekwon-Do is known around the world as one of the most powerful forms of martial arts with it's dynamic kicking and hand techniques.

We provide a great team atmosphere and an opportunity to meet new people.

Training Venues